Which is your favourite sneaker and why did it resonate with you? 

It has to be the Converse Chuck Taylor because it is the one pair I wore through my hustle through life.

I always own a pair in my collection, jordan 4 black cat regardless of how expensive my portfolio is.

If you had to pick one sneaker brand as your favourite, which one would it be? 

What advice would you give to our readers if they want to start collecting sneakers? 

Don't be enamoured by rabid consumerism. I only recently began downsizing my sneaker collection to only contain grails and beaters. All the other general releases I am getting rid of / donating/selling.

With that out of the way, when buying sneakers

don't think about the hype. Buy what you like, buy what you will wear.

How do you clean and store your sneakers? 

All sneakers are stored in their original boxes. After every use, they are cleaned meticulously and stored after drying.

If the sneaker is devoid of leather, then I just dunk them in the washing machine. If they have suede or leather details then they go to a professional cleaner if I can't do the job myself.

My uncle is a DJ from back in the early 90's when they were a rare lot- super hip and all. Growing up in the same house with him, I was always in awe of his wardrobe and shoe collection.

Him and his possé with their crazy shoe collection, that they'd get their hands on, when people around me, didn't even know brands like Quicksilver, Diesel, Gas, existed.

Obviously, these aren't THE sneaker brands but his collection was rare and sacred, he had the Nikes and the Reebok classics too.

Though I was not allowed to go jordan 4 black cat near them for the longest time, every now and then I'd sneakily slide my feet into the Nike Pumps with cotton stuffed up front, so that I could rock them to school.