Whatsapp, the lone informing application that has taken a progressive change in the correspondence and informing world throughout the most recent decade. From finding individuals across the globe to associate the almost ones over the world, different web-based media stages and the web have made it helpful for us. Nearly everybody knows about WhatsApp and we think that it's helpful in our everyday lives.  As we made the move from standard SMS to instant messages on WhatsApp. 

It follows the joining, that is continually running behind the scenes, where you don't have to sign in or out of the program to approach Whatsapp you should simply enlist your name and number and you are a part ridiculous. They don't charge anything as it deals with information. 

So we should examine it with a specialized perspective. Whatsapp utilizes the customer's worker in the event that somebody needs to communicate something specific with text or media record to the worker. At that point that message will be in the line by informing the worker until that message is conveyed to the recipient when the individual will turn on the net. When the message is conveyed to the collector it will naturally be erased from the worker. 

Whatsapp is using Mnesia DB for handling the heavy database management. Erlang’s default database is Mnesia itself. Mnesia is the multi-user distributed DBMS. The overall efficiency of Mnesia is quickest and faster. FreeBSD is the OS on which WhatsApp is built on. This Social media app stores the multimedia files in YAWS. 

Everything till now is all about Whatsapp application, but about WhatsApp web?, Yes you have heard the same, WhatsApp is also working as a Whatsapp web, it is a feature that allows you to use your WhatsApp screen through your laptop or pc. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is it only works in google chrome browser. Apart from it, just open the link in the browser www.web.whatsapp.com and the home screen will show you the QR code, which you have to scan through your mobile phone. Rest all the things will work the same as the Whatsapp application. You are allowed to send the messages, media, etc through the phone. Video call is als0 possible by using the webcam of a laptop. But it lacks in Voice call. If both devices are connected with the same wifi connection, it would perform faster than regular.

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