With the release of Path of Exile acquiring closer, players are already hunting forward to it. In Path of Exile, You will be definitely no stranger to POE Currency, which can be extremely different in the in-game coin, gold. Path of Exile Currency will be the common name surrounding with tradable orbs, scrolls and Poe Things. With enough currency to produce your play greater within the game.

Farming Currency

You can do these tips pretty easily, and it only gets more profitable if you focus on doing one of these exclusively. Of course, one of the easiest ways to make money in POE is just to play the game. As you kill mobs, items will drop, and there will almost always be currency in those drops. Filtering through the thousands of item drops in POE can really be helped by using a good loot filter.

Knowing Currency values is vital to farming effectively. There are several tools like POE Ninja to assist with checking the values in a given League, so make a habit of checking Currency values consistently, as they always change.

Rare Gear Drops

Power creep is the trend where new content introduced to a game makes older content less valuable in terms of the meta-game, making it less likely to be run. Power creep is always a problem in online games. And in Path of Exile, the 13-week Leagues create a much more pronounced power creep trend compared to games like World of Warcraft. For this reason, many players advocate only picking up certain gear drops while farming, be that mapping, Delve, or other mechanics. With this in mind, we’ve created a simple list of what to pick up while playing, as it will almost always hold some value. This list assumes you’re using a good loot filter, which will often highlight valuable drops for you, making this process easier.

Currency – Once you get into Yellow and Red maps, anything below Chaos Orbs or other high value currency usually isn’t worth grabbing if you’re going for efficient play. This comes down to personal choice though.

Shaper/Elder Rares – These base items only drop in Maps with Shaper or Elder influence, and they have the potential for some really crazy modifiers, always grab these, especially if they’re on highly sought-after bases.

Highly Valuable Uniques – These “on-meta” Unique Items will always hold value due to them being build-enabling items. Things like Headhunter, Bisco’s Collar, Koam’s Heart and many more fall into this category.

Maps – Always grab any Map drops, regardless of what Tier they are.

Rare Currency Drops

There are a ton of rare drops in Path of Exile that aren’t gear items. These Currency items always have a use, but may not be always worth picking up. Every second you spend clicking a Wisdom Scroll, Transmutation, Whetstone etc has an opportunity cost. Additionally, a filter that shows too much will clog your screen and obstruct your view of monsters, which could put you in potentially dangerous situations.

Divination Cards

Some Exalted Orbs can drop from certain Divination Cards, like Abandoned Wealth Wealth, the Hoarder, which can drop in different maps, farming on those locations may ostensibly gain the orbs.

Even though it’s not any more likely than it dropping naturally, but it’s also possible to get and bring at least 5 x currency items.

The types of divination cards which could exchange Exalted Orbs and the amount are the following:

12 x The Hoarder give one Exalted Orb

10 x The Saint’s Treasure equal two Exalted Orbs

5 x Abandoned Wealth give three Exalted Orbs

7 x Alluring Bounty give ten Exalted Orbs

5 x Emperor’s Luck give drops random type of currency.

Delving Methods

First, target the zones that have good fossils dropping. Check the prices of all fossils, figure out where the profitable ones drop, and farm that location. Figure out how to maximize how many walls you can break for your Sulphite cost, and rake in the money. This league, Corroded Fossils and Perfect Fossils have both been selling well, so I targeted Fungal Caverns in my Delving. I made over ten Exalts in the first week just selling the fossils I farmed from these zones. Easy, although it takes some research to understand all the mechanics properly.

The second method is very niche, and only a handful of players do it. This method involves Delving to the lowest depths you can possibly Delve, and farming the expensive fossils that spawn down there. The rare fossils begin to spawn incredibly frequently after 1000-1500 depth, to the point where at 3000+ every other node is a rare fossil. In some leagues this meant that every other node would grant multiple exalts to the players who managed to get down there. But getting that deep required a ton of effort and specific builds. This is the most complicated method here. If you choose to go this route I advise quite a bit of research ahead of time. Check out CrouchingTuna on twitch if you really want to go this route, he deep Delves most leagues.

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