Flange bearing is a motion system that does not require the use of a bearing base. It is very light in weight and low in cost, so it is very popular in applications. In addition, the flange bearing also uses small steel balls, which not only makes the rotation accuracy more precise but also obtains the low friction torque of the bearing, which is very convenient to apply.

When ordinary bearings are in use, they need connecting parts at both ends, but flange bearings can have no connecting parts at one end. This is the unique advantage of flange bearings, which also expands the scope of the use of bearings.

No longer need bearing seat, become more economical. In order to obtain the bearing's low friction torque, high rigidity, and good rotation accuracy, steel balls with small outer diameters are used. The use of the hollow shaft ensures the lightweight and spatial characteristics of the wiring. The biggest feature is the integration of the flange and the bearing. When there is no connecting piece at one end of the shaft and it needs to be fixed on a plane such as a board or a wall, flange bearings show their advantages.

Flange bearings are mainly suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motors, office equipment, micro-motor soft drives, pressure rotors, dental drills, hard disk motors, stepping motors, video recorder drums, toy models, fans, pulleys, rollers, Transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical equipment, office equipment, testing equipment, deceleration, variable speed installation, motor optics.

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