San Francisco has been a melting pot of different cultures and of different tourists all over the world. You get to see hundreds of flights reach the area every single day. Most people going for San Discount San Francisco sightseeing Tickets Francisco vacations would love to take the whole family for a great experience of this place. As a tourist, there are packages that may overcharge you with these San Francisco vacations. This article, on the other hand will guide you to the best spots out there.

Whether you are with your family or traveling alone, there are so many places where you could go to. From the longest bridge in San Francisco to the world's most crooked bridge, you will get to enjoy the different things in life when you travel to SF. And if you want to know what is better than that, you could have things for free!

San Francisco proves itself not only a family oriented travel destination but also a budget friendly place as well. So if you are going to have look into the possible flights and travel destinations, go for the best San Francisco vacations. If you are going to have your family, it is highly suggested you visit these areas. If you do not have much time, these areas are the ones that you should visit.

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most notable bridges, this bridge could be seen and even photographed for free. But if you are planning to use it, you will need to pay $6 for its toll. With its length, the governments need help in maintaining this landmark. This bridge connects SF to East Bay. If you are among the people who love the road, your $6 will be worth it!

Lombard Street

The Lombard Street is widely known as the world's most crooked street. People from all over the world take flights in order to drive through this portion of SF. If you are going to look at the San Francisco vacations, these things will never be complete without a picture in Lombard Street.

Fisherman's Wharf

This place is not only one of the most visited places in San Francisco but also in the whole US. This is located along Pier 39, you can see a number of sea lions freely playing around and swimming. You can get their photographs for free! There are instances when this place also becomes a hub of street performers. Though watching is free, it makes a great difference if you give tips.

Union Square

If you are done with all the spots mentioned above, you can now check out the historic district of SF, Union Square. Today, this has become the home of the best department stores. So if you are looking for some things to shop, this is the best place out there