Since it is a mask, it has to be kept like our human hair is. And the appropriate products are different for different styles of men's hair blocks. Let's say today what repair products human hair bundles require. If you need to purchase human hair wigs or hair bundles of highest standard, go to


How To Protect Your Human Hair Bundles?

1. Hair Shampoo
Whatever the hair, shampoo, clean decontamination, moisturizing influence, can help your wig out of its dry and fragile condition. Natural oils are an indispensable component for human wigs in every shampoo since they will render hair softer and more lovely, thereby reducing the chance of enmeshment. Wigs are not, though, cleaned as much as human hair. They can be washed once every 10 days on average. You could reduce washing time and allow use of more shampoos whether you sweat too much on your scalp or use too many styling items.

2. Hair Packaging
The human hair system is far more intricate than that of silicone wig because there is no scalp for nourishment, but we have to chemically preserve it to protect its natural look and not become irritable. Conditioner is also important, since it can include hair nutrients and moisture, reducing the chance of hair breakage. Conditioners will also reduce the tangle of human hair and thereby increase the lifetime of women's hair blocks.

3. Essential Hair Care Oil
The essential oil will secure your hair if you blow dry or flatten your hair. It will enhance the hair's texture, maintain moisture and shield the wig from the heatwave, which forms a protective barrier. If your wig lacks its luster, this smooth emulsion may also be used to recover your wig's brightness.

4. Hair Comb Hair
Hair must be combed with a comb, otherwise it's simple to knot. And wig, or wig special comb, if you do not, you should wide-tooth comb. Combining hair will also maintain the wig's original look and reduce the chance of knot rash. As long as you use the things above to keep your perk, it would not be worse than the initial fur, neither will you see your perk.