A tractor slasher is crop protection equipment, which is most useful for slashing shrubs and brushes. Apart from farming, it is also used for maintaining grasslands, road verges, and gardens. A tractor slasher allows the farmers to keep their farms free from brushed and shrubs. Also, it allows the individual to maintain the gardens, golf clubs, etc., by cutting grass in a versatile way. 

So, you should use good tractors whenever you work with this Implement. Also, choose good tractor tyres for these operations. It will add more benefits. Also, take care about the Tractor tyre price and quality since many companies provide tractor tyres at reasonable prices. Now, let’s move to know the models of tractor slasher. 

Shaktiman Rotary Slasher

This tractor slasher comes under the landscaping category and can be performed with a tractor ranging from 35 to 60 HP. Also, it has 3 models, SRS 1.20, SRS 1.50 and SRS 1.80. These tractor slasher machines have working widths from 1200 mm to 1800 mm. Moreover, the price of these Implements is reasonable. 

Soil Master Rotary Slasher (6 Feet)

Soil Master Rotary Slasher (6 Feet) has a square shape with an angle of 50 × 6 mm and a 50 × 12 mm Flat side panel. Also, it is fitted with a 75 × 40 mm Channel frame. Moreover, the price of this tractor slasher is reasonable to the farmers. 

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