Vidalista is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in males. This medicine has been successfully tried and tested and certified by the pharmaceuticals department and the FDA (Food and drug administration). This Vidalista 60 allows the individual in question to regain the confidence for performing a sexual acts. Vidalista boosts the confidence level of a person thus enhancing the individual’s life quality alongside his or her partner.

What is erectile dysfunction?

The persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse is termed as erectile dysfunction. It causes a man’s inability to penetrate or be able to penetrate subside taking a toll on his sexual life.


This Vidalista is readily available in the shops locally. It can also be found in varying measure of dosage on the online and offline stores varying from 10 mg, 20 mg to 60 mg being the highest possible dosage of the medicine. These medicines are generic in nature; hence availability of such medicines is never an issue.

Storage instructions

Preferably for the Vidalista 40 shelf life it must be stored in a cooler and darker place.

Ensure efficient discharge of the medicines, make sure that the medicine waste is properly treated or is taken care of before releasing it into any open area. Due to insufficient treatment or improper treatment of the wastage contamination of the surrounding is possible.

Precautions to be taken

Must not be consumed after taking any kind of alpha one antagonist (a minimum of 4 hours must be maintained). The medicines must also not be consumed or carefully taken by people who already have an underlying condition such as:

Heart related issues

Heart diseases can really impact the person’s ability to perform sexually. High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking etc can worsen the condition even more.


Diabetes and related conditions damage the nerves and tissues associated with achieving and maintaining an erection. 60-70% of the people with diabetes have suffered from nerve damage or neuropathy. Diabetes also accelerates the process of endothelial dysfunction or damage to the endothelial layer.

Patients with already prevailing allergies or medication must first inform the doctor before continuing with the medication.

This drug does not in any from prevents the person from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, AIDs etc. It is only meant to treat erectile dysfunctionalities which effects people’s sexual performances. Consuming this medication for the purposes of having a safe sex is a wrong assumption.

Side effects



Flushing of the skin

Congestion of the nasal area

Heart attack in severe cases of side effects


Cardiovascular disease related patients must take immense precaution

Priapism (rare but prolonged erection)

Might lead to vision impairments in rare cases

Hearing loss

Drop in the blood pressure

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