In Escape from Tarkov, the late erasure can be a tough time, when players have completed most of the tasks and upgrades, almost all valuable rewards including Escape from Tarkov Roubles are divided up, and there is nothing new, only can wait for a new erase cycle to begin.

Some maps have longer lifespans and entertainment levels during erasure, while others don't, especially those that get populated only because people run tasks on them. RPGStash offers some map suggestions for every type of player.


Woods or Shorelines are mostly ghost maps, low to mid-level loot, and very suitable for low-level players to do quests. Beginner players or players who want to be alone. If you're looking for a quiet and peaceful environment to loot and roam the map without too much action, then Woods or Shorelines are for you.

Woods have more Scavs, which is a good balance since they can fight AI. Doesn't get a lot of attention from PMC. Players can practice close-contact skills in places like Scav Town and Sawmill, as well as sniper skills in the mountains. If you feel strong enough, you can always shoot to Shturman, the owner of the Woods Sawmill.


With 6 PMCs, this compact map is Deathmatch Tarkov's way. The Factory is the place for players who want to practice their PvP skills, burn their gear, or just enjoy mindless fun. It has far fewer cheaters than Labs, and players don't need top gear and ammo to compete because you can use the map advantage to your advantage.

When the PMC dies, there are tons of Scavs to shoot around, whether it's A.I. players entering the map in the last ten minutes or picking up shards from previous battles. But it's worth noting that after a few runs you'll know where the enemies will spawn, so the first few seconds of the race are basically either run towards the enemies or away from them, that's your decision.

Other than that, Lighthouse and The Lab are interesting maps at the moment, but Lighthouse still suffers from performance issues, mostly frame drops and frequent freezes, especially for players running the game on sub-optimal computers or hard drives. The new RMT measures have reduced the number of cheaters, but their presence is still evident on advanced loot maps like The Lab.

For beginners, you may not be so skilled to fight against the enemy, but you can buy EFT Items to arm yourself first, if you don't have enough savings, then you can buy Cheap EFT Roubles from to quickly achieve wealth freedom.