Mahindra Tractor is a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra group of companies. Mahindra brothers and Malik Ghulam Muhammad established this company in 1945 as Muhammad and Mahindra. After some time, it turned into Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948. Nowadays, the company has a respectable presence in the market by producing 15 to 75 HP tractors. Also, the company's tractors are available at Rs. 2.50 to 12.50 Lakh. Let's know the 2 popular models.


Mahindra 265


Mahindra 265 is a mini tractor, having 30 Hp power and 3 cylinders. It has a 2048 CC engine, generating 1900 RPM for different kinds of agricultural and commercial operations. Also, the model has Dry air filters to keep the machine safe from dust and dirt. And the water coolant system of this model keeps it cool during operations. Moreover, the price for this model is set by the company from Rs 4.80 to 4.95 Lakh.


Mahindra 585


Mahindra 585 comes with a powerful engine of 50 HP with 4 cylinders, generating 2100 RPM for several farming tasks. Also, it has 3 Stage Oil bath air filters with Pre-Cleaner to keep it away from dirt and dust. The power of this model is transmitted by a Partial Constant Mesh gearbox, including 8 forward +2 reverse gears. Moreover, the price of this tractor is Rs. 6.80 to 7.10 Lakh. 


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