If you are planning a vacation in Jutland, Denmark, then taking in some of these attractions can make your vacation a lot more fun for the whole family. Check out these great attractions in Jutland. dewagg

1. Den Gamle By or The Old Town is located in historic Arhus, just north the city center. When you walk through the gates of the Gamle By, you are transported back in time, since everything you see is genuine. The houses, the streets, the shops, décor, etc. is all taken from the past. You can walk into houses and see how people lived, visit the shops and see how things were sold and made. The live actors help bring the city to life and you can try many of the games and activities that were part of 19th century Denmark.

2. Kattegatcentret Grenaa is a large aquarium specializing in sharks and marine life around Denmark. Children just love this place. There is a diving bell, where you can experience being in the deep ocean, a pool that you can swim in and explore marine life, live seals that you can feed and plenty of aquatic life in the aquariums. Located right on the coast in Grenaa, next to the ferry terminal.

3. Randers Regnskov or Randers Rainforest is an actual rainforest in Denmark. Enclosed in 3 huge domes, you can walk through a real rainforest. See the various animals that live in each - such as crocodiles, manatees, iguanas, parrots, snakes and more. A very unique experience. Located in downtown Randers right on the river.

4. Djurs Sommerland is one the most popular amusement parks in Denmark. Located halfway between Randers and Grenaa on Highway 16, it is a great place for children and adults to indulge in over 60 attractions. Djurs has some of the best roller coasters and the best part is you only pay the entrance fee and then all the activities are FREE.

5. Fregatten or the Frigate is a 144-year old warship that sits in the harbour in Ebeltoft. There you can board the frigate and wander around exploring life aboard. You can experience how the sailors trained with the canons and feel the power of the sails. Best during peak season.

6. Aqua Ferskvands Akvarium is another marine attraction, yet it dedicated to fresh water life including otters, storks and other interesting creatures. There are lots of exhibits and hands on activities. Located in Silkeborg - right off the lakes.

7. Givskud Zoo is a tropical zoo featuring giraffes, elephants, lions and more. You drive in your own car through the safari park and stop and view the animals in their open habitat. Located in Givskud outside of Vejle.