Canon is a Japan-based printer manufacturer that makes the printers suitable for home and office purposes. Canon manufactures inkjet, laser printers, and various other types of printers. Canon printers are good, but the thing that often annoys Canon printer users is the appearance of error codes. A non-techie guy may feel frustrated when they see a specific error code. If you have bought a new Canon printer and are not familiar with error codes, you may think of either replacing your printer or blaming yourself for buying the model in case of an error code. In the blog, we have mentioned the causes of Canon printer error E59 and the quick fixes to the same error. Read and learn how to fix it.

Know What Canon Printer Error E59 is

Canon printer error E59 is an error message that appears when your printer has a technical issue. When you see Canon printer error E59, you can put the methods into action and resolve the Canon printer error E59. We have mentioned the causes of the Canon printer error E59. Read the reasons for the Canon printer error E59.

Leading Causes of Canon Printer Error E59

When Canon printer error E59 appears, you don’t need to get worried. It indicates that there is an issue with your Canon printer model. Read the leading causes of the error. The reasons behind the Canon printer error E59 have been mentioned below.

  • When the printing and paper settings are inaccurate, the error code may appear.
  • If your Canon printer fails to print documents owing to improper settings, the issue is likely.
  • If the paper settings and printing settings don’t correctly match, the error E59 will occur.

Note: The factors mentioned above cause the occurrence of the Canon printer error E59. Once you resolve the issues explained above, the error E59 will quickly disappear. Now is the time to look at the quick and simple fixes to the error code.

Quick and Simple Solutions to Resolve Canon Printer Error E59

We have discussed the causes of the Canon printer error E59 above. We will now share the quick and effective fixes to quickly resolve the Canon printer error. Read the detailed troubleshooting process and resolve this error code.

Solution #1

The first thing we need to do to fix the Canon printer error E59 is to make proper changes to the paper and printing settings if the settings are not correct. To correct the settings, we have given the whole procedure below. Follow these steps:

  1. First and foremost, you need to stop the printing settings by hitting the Stop button.
  2. Check whether the paper and printing settings are correct or not.
  3. If the settings don’t match, set them correctly by checking the size of the paper and choosing the correct media type.
  4. If the settings are correct and properly match, press the OK button and just restart the printer.
  5. After correcting the settings, you now need to run a print test to see if the error is gone.
  6. If the printer still displays the same error, you need to restore your Canon printer to default settings.
  7. Now, redo the same process as explained above.
  8. Check if the Canon printer is resolved.

Solution #2

Updating the printer drivers to the latest version and correcting the paper settings to match the printing settings will fix the Canon printer error E59. We have explained the whole process to fix it. Go through the steps described below:

  1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. Go to the official website of Driver Easy.
  3. Download the driver updater tool on your PC.
  4. Install the driver updater tool and run the scan.
  5. The tool will scan for all the missing and outdated drivers.
  6. It will update the drivers automatically, or you can update the printer drivers manually.
  7. Now, restore your printer to default settings and see if the error has ended.


The article contains the effective methods to troubleshoot the Canon printer error E59 quickly. Moreover, the causes of the error code are also mentioned in this article. You will easily be able to resolve the error code with the mentioned tips.


What is Canon printer error E59?

Ans: The error E59 is an error message that appears when your printer’s paper settings are printing settings are inaccurate.

Why is my Canon printer showing error E59?

Ans: You may see the error code E509 on your Canon printer due to the mismatch between paper and printing settings.

What are the ways to fix Canon printer error E59 quickly?

Ans: Rectifying the paper settings and printing settings can make the error quickly go away.

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