Wordle word puzzles became a popular topic on social media despite their simple form and lack of special features.

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle in New York and is now available for free on the App Store as well as via your web browser starting October 2021. It started with just 90 players per day. This number grew to 300,000. in November. However, this week's game saw more than 2 million players.

Wordle is a popular topic on social media. There are a number of articles that share the results or offer tips.

Wardle was surprised at Wordle's "heat" as well. NPR interviewed him to reveal that the game was made for Palak Shah, one of his partners who enjoys charades. Wardle later added Shah to the development of the game.

I didn't want the typical mobile game features: notifications, annoying ads, and no notifications. I just wanted people to have fun playing the game. Wardle said. Wardle stated that wordle today was fun to use because it was simple but had many challenges.

Adam Procter is the head of the Department of Game Design, University of Southampton. He says Wordle's appeal lies in the way it allows players to feel like they are back in the early days of the internet. Wordle makes users feel like they are going back to those simpler, more feature-rich games that were still popular. The expert thinks popular games are also due to their simple gameplay like Flappy Bird, 2048 or Threes.

Professor Chris Headleand of Staffordshire University's Game Design Technology thinks Wordle is getting more interest because people are staying home during COVID-19, and want something simple to entertain them. Headleand says, "A brief game per day is a welcome reminder to everyone, encouraging them take more time off work from home."

Simple gameplay

Wordle doesn't display advertisements and you don't have to give any personal information. The goal of Wordle is to help players guess words that contain 5 important letters. They are allowed to guess 6 times.

After entering each word, the user presses Enter to display the letters in the correct place and the answer. Letters in the incorrect position or in the answer will turn green. Yellow letters will show letters in the wrong location and gray letters will be displayed. Once the correct letter is found, the player must combine the letters to create the word in the last row.

Wordle offers only one word per day. This is the same for all players worldwide. No matter how correct or incorrect the guesses are, players can only play one time per day. Once they are done, they can share their results on social media. This section does not show how long the game has been running and how many times it has been correct. It displays a colored box instead of the correct keyword.

Wordle fake games: The Wave of Wordle

Wordle was the subject of a lot of attention. A series fake apps were created on the App Store. Searching for Wordle will bring up hundreds of names that are similar to the original app's name. Wardle claims that it is not his application.

Bloomberg reports that Wordle-based games are also very popular. According to App Annie, Cravotta’s Wordle had 40,000 downloads in the App Store earlier this month. It is currently number one in Ireland and in the top 10 in seven other countries for charades.

Similar to What Word-Wordle on iOS, it has been downloaded nearly 20,000 times and is listed in the top 10 word puzzle apps in 14 countries on the App Store. Apple has removed most Wordle-based apps from its app store.