In addition to a variety of groceries, Tiendatrops also carries an extensive selection of iberian ham, cold cuts, oil, honey, and confectionery. Many of the items are labeled with their designated local origin. They also meet high standards of quality. For example, each product is inspected by a renowned laboratory before being sold. To make sure they are getting the highest quality products possible, they offer free shipping and a money-back guarantee.


Having a bank account isn't necessary if you're a member of Tiendatrops. However, if you have one and would like to make a payment, you can do so online. You can use the service of a TPV. This payment system will notify the TROPS in case your card is rejected and inform the client accordingly. TROPS has trusted these systems to secure entities, so your data is encrypted and transferred to their secure servers. You'll be able to confirm the transaction via email.

If you're a member of a "Comunity Private of TROPS," you can cancel your order within fourteen days of delivery. In that case, you'll receive an email from TROPS that confirms your cancellation. Alternatively, you can contact the TROPS directly to cancel the transaction. However, TROPS cannot refund you if the purchase was made internationally. If you're a member, you'll be able to claim a refund in case you're unhappy with your purchase.

Another great way to support local farmers is by purchasing products from a local organic food store. TROPS Seleccion is an excellent source for local organic food. The company is a supporter of sustainable companies in the Velez-Malaga area. It also promotes healthy local food while offering fair prices to producers. And by patronizing local businesses, you'll be supporting your local economy as well as promoting sustainable practices for the workers in the farming communities.

TROPS aguacate

TROPS Aguacate is one of the organic fruits that are grown in the south of Spain. Despite its many nutritional and gastronomic qualities, it is often used for medicinal purposes. At the event, you can sample the fruits of the fruit in different dishes. The aguacate will also be judged by a professional panel of gastronomos. In addition to the tasting, there will be an ad campaign and contest featuring TROPS products.

Aguacates are classified into three ecological racial groups. The varieties that produce fruits quickly are called antillano, those that produce fruit later, and those that produce fruit later are considered mexican or hybrid. Florida varieties of aguacates have intermediate characteristics in terms of their fruit composition. They are very popular as a healthy snack, but they do lose their taste and appearance when cooked.