Pet beds range from the functional to the super luxuriant. If you're the kind of person that wants the very best for your pet, you're going to be looking for furniture that makes a statement. That means stylish designer beds that will make your pet pooch feel like royalty--no run of the mill doughnut shaped beds for this one.

Designers have made a name for themselves creating high-end pet beds and sofas that are the last word in elegance. While such pet beds are functional and comfortable, they are embellished with bolsters and tufted cushions and made out of fabric ranging from faux leather to micro velvet. Though faux leather looks unabashedly luxurious and impractical, it is, in fact, durable and stain resistant. Micro velvet is also very easy to maintain and looks and feels good even after several washes.

While some luxury beds have the plush look with comfortable, overstuffed cushions, others have sleek lines with wrought-iron or stainless-steel frames. Carefully crafted, and often handmade, these beds are works of art and can cost thousands of dollars. One designer claims to have been inspired to make pet furniture after she visited an art show where dogs were displayed as accessories. Realizing that dogs essentially lounged around the whole day, she designed a dog lounger or what she calls a "tuffet." These top-of-the-line creations are made out of painstakingly sourced fabric and trimmings and are intended to be "sculptural accessories" rather than mere pet beds.

Luxury beds can also be custom-made to suit your interiors, so that your pet's sleeping arrangements blend in with the rest of your décor. Drapes, gold tassels, claw feet, animal prints - whatever you can dream up can be replicated in a custom-built pet bed. If you live in the lap of luxury, there's no reason why your pet shouldn't.