Italy is the world leader in the number of officially registered goods and, unfortunately, the world leader in the number of fakes. How to distinguish a real Made in Italy product from a fake one? The answer is in our selection of simple life hacks. Read the inscription 100% Made in Italy carefully As a rule, on any product that consumers associate with Italy in one way or another, the proud 100% Made in Italy logo flaunts, which, in theory, should guarantee one hundred percent quality and taste. However, today manufacturers are not as stupid as it might seem at first glance. It is worth adding an exclamation mark to the phrase 100% Made in Italy or putting a small imperceptible dot at the end, as the official certification of the Italian product, protected by law, actually becomes invalid. But what buyer in a shopping rush will pay attention to such trifles? No! Almost any of us will grab a bottle of olive oil with a familiar inscription and rush for the next item on the grocery list. Therefore, be careful and meticulous. Remember, only the inscription 100% Made in Italy, Certificazione 100% Made in Italy or Handmade in Italy (if we are talking about expensive and completely handmade goods) without unnecessary punctuation marks can be considered a guarantee of a quality product made in Italy, using Italian ingredients and national technologies. Check out the acronyms for Italian quality Italy was one of the founding fathers of the European Union in the 1950s, so it's no surprise that the country is strictly required to comply with the EU's certification policy for quality control of national products. The quality guarantees of Italian products, according to EU laws, are 6 abbreviations: DOP, IGP, STG, IGT, DOC, DOCG. The main ones are DOP and IGP, all the rest are additional. All the buyer needs to know is what products these abbreviations are for. Then it will not be difficult to find a product that is really made in Italy or using Italian technology.

Choose reliable supermarkets to buy Italian goods such as suffolk secrets  and read reviews about them. I'm sure it will help you not to make a mistake