Smoke detector hanging from ceiling adopts a LED light to monitor smoke, responsive to smoldering fire and slow-burning. According to statistics, in 2020, a total of 252,000 fires were across the country, with direct property losses as high as 4.009 billion yuan. Fire has become a frequent disaster that endangers people’s life and property safety.

There is an optical labyrinth in the photoelectric smoke alarm. An infrared pair tube is installed. When there is no smoke, the infrared receiving tube cannot receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube. When the smoke enters the optical labyrinth, the receiving tube receives infrared light through refraction and reflection. light, the intelligent alarm circuit judges whether the threshold is over.  If it exceeds, an alarm arises.


Ceiling Fire Alarm Ceiling Fire Alarm

Precautions for the use of smoke sensors In order to ensure the installation and use of smoke sensors, we need to pay attention to some precautions when using smoke sensors. When we install smoke detector with photoelectric sensor on the roof, especially on a sloping or human-shaped roof, the alarm should keep a certain distance from the roof. Whenever the slope is less than 30°, the distance should be 0.2m. When it is greater than 30°, the distance is 0.3m~0.5m. Inductive, so it is likely to falsely alarm in places such as kitchens and smoking places, etc. That are prone to smoke. The smart wireless smoke detector should be dust-proof. And the dust cover must disappear after the project is officially put into use. We also should avoid installation, particularly avoid installing in places close to fluorescent lamps.

The temperature and humidity of the security photoelectric ceiling smoke alarm should not exceed -10~50℃. Still we have to avoid installing it in places with relative humidity greater than 95% and ventilation speed greater than 5m/s;  Furthermore, we never use tape and plastic bags to cover the smoke detector ceiling‑Top. It is better to carry out a simulated fire alarm test every six months to test whether the alarm works normally.


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