Therefore, we are not responsible for disciplinary actions due to these glitches. All bases are covered, let's focus on the best part. Following the release of NBA 2K22 gamers discovered that they could get easy VC by deciding to quit this newer version of Cheap NBA 2K22 MT the game at the same time that their first game at Brickley's Fitness was just about to come to an end.

It's technically still possible to do so in the most recent version of 2K22, but there's an additional twist to the process. In order to get your VC and badge progress from the game, players actually have to win the game each time.

Now, open your MyCareer, particularly on a new profile which has worked past all the opening instructions, and then head to Brickley's Gym that's marked on your City map. Then, enter the building, and play your first match by speaking directly to an NPC inside. After your badge progress will be loaded at the end the match, quit out and quit the game.

Log back in, and then immediately speed up your travel when you hit the bumper to the right. If you've done it right, the game will continue to play like you've never played that game, but you still get to keep the badge progress or VC you have earned from your previous victory. Therefore, play the first time, and keep winning and enjoy the reward.

Another quick VC technique that has been making waves among the 2K crowd in the last couple of hours involves an issue that's affecting the current generation of courts. The glitch, in particular, works only on 10k VC courts, however it's actually applicable to any court if you'd like to receive a lesser reward.

As demonstrated in the video by Geminus the trick involves a full court and a lot of coordination. The two teams must be loaded into the court. Then, just as the player's name goes to white, after all players have been present, wait for five seconds and have one team of NBA 2K Coins three quit the game with the other team.