Transmission Shaft is an Element Used to Transmit Power and Torque

A transmission shaft is a component used to transmit power and torque. Shafts are made in a variety of different shapes and forms, but most tend to have a solid or tubular circular cross-section. The shaft transmitting power directly from the drive device or power source to the load. The shaft can carry gears, pulleys and sprockets to transmit rotational movement and power through matched gears, belts and chains.

The following are some classifications of transmission shaft:

Auxiliary drive shaft

The counter shaft is installed parallel to the drive shaft and controlled by the input shaft (with the aid of the pinion gear). In a conventional manual transmission, the gears of the transmission match the countershaft. In a vehicle, the countershaft and the input shaft actually have the same function.

Input drive shaft

The energy generated by the engine crankshaft must first enter the gearbox before reaching the tires. The initial part that receives power is called the input shaft.

These shafts can be engaged or disengaged by the clutch function. In driving cars, the input shaft is used together with the output shaft components. These parts together constitute the spindle assembly.

Output drive shaft

Finally, the last part that transmits motion from the gearbox to the wheels is the output shaft. The shaft is controlled by the countershaft and the gearbox. The precision gears are moved manually by the driver.

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