Pets are being pampered by their owners to the tune of $50.96 billion a year including everything from food, toys and other products such as pet beds. One of the pet beds currently available to owners is orthopedic memory foam model. Originally designed by NASA for use in space by astronauts, memory foam is highly regarded as being of premium quality since it relieves pressure from certain areas of the body and returns to its original shape when left on its own.

Reason Number One if for pet owners who often think of aging dogs or cats with physical limitations such as arthritis or hip dysplasia as benefiting from sleeping on a memory foam bed because this foam conforms to their body. If your goal is to minimize or reduce your pet's discomfort consider investing in a bed that provides comfort such as an orthopedic memory foam bed. The difference in cost between a pillow-type bed found at most big box stores and orthopedic bed is well worth the time and investment.

Reason Number Two brings to mind that chewing, separation anxiety and inappropriate elimination are three common dog behavioral problems pet owners complain about the most. Pet owners who have purchased an orthopedic foam bed for one reason found an unexpected advantage of having their special ones prefer the orthopedic bed to their previous hang-outs on couches, chairs and human beds.

For Reason Number Three, as a standalone product, memory beds can be expensive to manufacturer which is why most mattresses made for human use only require memory foam as a topper. In the version designed for dogs and cats, however, it is common to see these beds up to 4 inches thick of memory foam offered to the consumer.

Reason Number Four: Another selling factor is pet beds that are waterproof or have removable covers are an easy sell for trouble-free cleaning especially during shedding season or for pets with a lack of bladder control. If you imagine the ortho foam pet bed as being awkward or heavy, think again. Animal owners love that these pet beds are soft, light-weight and easy to carry on vet appointments or when traveling.

The last reason is about value. The manufacturers of most ortho dog or other animal beds seem to have thought of everything. Pet owners are pleased with the high quality and extra value found in ortho memory pet beds especially the non-slip bottoms, washable covers, and extra pet beds offered in a variety of colors that compliment personal color schemes.

As an added plus, many people admit to their special animals not being restless after they switched to an orthopedic memory pet bed. Pet beds come in a variety of sizes for small, medium, large and extra-large pets. Due to their ability to conform to size, pet beds can also easily fit inside most pet crates.