Staff strap lanyard are preprinted items featuring the word "staff" on their strap. Most of them come in black, which is an unspoken rule for the units meant to be carried by the employees. There are also available lanyards for visitors with the word "visitor" on them - these customarily come in red. Other color-coded designs with text statements that are used for identifying varied groups of people in buildings include: "event staff" in orange, "contractor" in blue, "temporary" in green, and "volunteer" in violet.

The brightly-colored designs help to easily distinguish between the people that walk around the halls of a building, allowing you to have every group of people "color-coded". The lanyards carried by employees are used for carrying access passes, ID cards, or badges.

The wording typically comes in large white letters, making it easy to read it. The words are usually dye-sublimated or silkscreened, which ensures that the text will not blur or rub off. Many staff lanyards are machine washable.

The most commonly used material for the making of lanyard straps is nylon - a synthetic polyamide that was invented in 1935 in the USA (DuPont laboratories), and has become widely popular since then. Nylon is lightweight, sturdy, wear-proof, waterproof, and pleasant to the touch (it has a silky feel to it). The strap can also be made of polyester - a material with very similar properties to that of nylon. Some people prefer their neck straps to me made of a natural material (cotton) rather than synthetic fibers.

The lanyards used as identification for employees and visitors, have flat straps rather than rounded cords, which allows displaying large and bold letters. The width of the strap is typically around 5/8 inches to 3/4 inches. The straps come in different lengths, with the most common size being 35 inches. They almost do not weight anything - their weight can be as little as 0.03 pounds.

The staff lanyards can have a number of fasteners included in their price, such as clips, rings, and swivel hooks. The sturdiest attachments are made of metal rather than plastic. They can also be nickel-plated. Many models have safety breakaway connectors, which are great for people who may be prone to getting their strap caught, snagged, or pulled.

When you start shopping for lanyards, you are likely to find that most of them come in packs. The minimum quantity of the items in a pack can be as little as 10 or as much as 100 - this obviously makes the price of the individual item much less; however, many people may simply not need that many. The cost of an individual item can be twice higher. However, if you look around, you will be able to find singular items that come at an affordable cost.