Lost Ark Glaivier is an advanced class that specializes in mid-to-close encounters and has two fighting stances, the Flurry Stance, also known as the Blue Stance, revolves around fast-moving attacks with a high chance of critical strikes, and the Red Concentrate Posture emphasizes power and range.

What's frustrating for players is the difficulty of mastering Lost Ark Glaivier's switching between positions. Glaivier's identity skills increase your movement speed, crit damage, and attack when you swap stances after the identity meter fills up to a certain point.

You can forgo this bonus and concentration skill entirely with one of Glaivier's class sculpts, but the stat boost makes it worth balancing the two stances. To build a strong career, you need plenty of Lost Ark Gold to help you get better prepared.

Getting the most out of Glaivier all involves chaining combos, retreating attacks, and using their agility skills to retreat to safety. It's a tough class to master, but once you get the hang of switching and skill commands, it's by far one of the most valuable classes in an MMO game.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier PVP BUILD

The PvP build also doubles as a powerful Raid build, focusing on dealing massive damage, increasing Glaivier's mobility, and weakening enemies with staggering, firing, and debuffs.

    Raid Captain: Increases attack power based on movement speed
    Increase Mass: Increases attack power and slightly reduces attack speed

Best LOST ARK Glaivier Awakening Skill

Since these builds focus on power, we prefer the Storm Red Dragon Awakening skill to Spear Meteor. Both skills are viable, but the Storm Red Dragon attacks enemies nearly 20 times, dealing incredible damage over a wide area. While Spear Meteor does increase your mobility, you probably won't need it in most situations due to how destructive the skill is.

LOST ARK Glaivier Pinnacle Vs. Control

It's important to experiment with some of the basic skills in Glaivier's Flurry and Focus set before deciding on a career sculpting.

    Pinnacle: Increases status buff from switching stances, up to 15% movement speed, 20% damage, and 50% critical strike damage
    Control: Prevents you from switching stances, which blocks Focus skills but permanently increases the damage of all Flurry skills by 18%

Concentration is one of Glaivier's strongest abilities, fighting this way requires more planning and effort, and also tends to be slower in general. Flurry skills typically rely on back attacks for maximum damage, although these skills often also inflict status effects or debuffs.

Glaivier's buffs are based on their specialization stats or specialization stats for short. While this is a stat you can usually ignore in other classes, you need to focus on boosting it with equipment and accessories. Learn more about the Lost Ark guide on RPGStash, and explore the latest quests to get more Gold and gear, if you want to buy Lost Ark Gold go to rpgstash.com which will help you get 100% safe Gold.