It will be very much unlikely if you say you do not like BBQ parties. But throwing a BBQ party is another deal. The main attraction, the grilled meats certainly cause you a lot of trouble. It is exactly where a grill mat can come handy to you.

If you have grilled food before, you know how messy it can be. Especially the cleaning process after it’s all done. The grill itself gets sticky and burnt. Sometimes the foods also get burnt while the fire directly hit it. With a grill mat, it all can be solved easily. It can save you a lot of time by noticeably decreasing the mess. Plus in a grill mat, you can grill foods like eggs, chopped vegetables, etc. So, let’s see how to use grill mats and look forward to some awesome BBQ parties with less hustle.

Are Grill Mats Safe to Use?

Grill mats are non-sticky because it is coated with fiberglass and PTFE. Those materials are also used almost in every non-sticky cookeries and these are declared safe to use by the FDA.

But that doesn’t mean you can use it as you want. You must follow how to use grill mats instruction that comes with it and avoid getting burnt. If it gets burnt, PTFE will melt and the mat will be destroyed. Though it is a harmless material, you do not want to eat it with your food.


Grill mats can even be used to cook pizza. Like many other foods mentioned here, pizza is difficult to cook on the grill. The doughy crust will stick to the grate as it heats up, preventing you from achieving a crisp, well-cooked crust. But it’s perfectly fine to cook pizza on the grill — you just need a grill mat. Make sure your grill mat is large enough to support your pizza. If it’s too small, you can try placing two grill mats next to each other. As long as your pizza is placed on the grill mat rather than the grate, the crust shouldn’t stick to it. Of course, you also don’t have to worry about pizza sauce dripping through the grate if you use a grill mat.

Melting Cheeses

When melting cheeses on your grill, consider using a grill mat. It’s not uncommon for cheese to drip down through the grate. And depending on how much cheese you use, it could cause your charcoal or wood to flare up. You can keep your cheese on your food, however, by using a grill mat. Just place your food on the grill mat, and after it has finished cooking, add your desired cheese or cheeses while your food is still on the grill mat. You may have to clean some excess cheese off the grill mat, but none of the cheese should fall through the grate if you use a grill mat.


If you’ve cooked kebabs on the grill, you probably know how difficult it is. Assuming you use wooden or bamboo skewers, the scorching-hot temperature of your grill may cause them to ignite and burn. While you can prevent this from happening by using metal skewers, many home chefs prefer the added flavor of wooden or bamboo skewers. A grill mat allows you to safely cook kebabs using wooden or bamboo skewers by protecting the skewers from direct heat. Your kebabs will still cook when placed on a grill mat, but they’ll cook at a lower temperature, meaning wooden or bamboo skewers shouldn’t burn.

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