The Cricut Design Studio software program gives you permission to connect your Cricutto a  device personal computer with a USB cable. You can design, explore and cut utilizing the thousands of shapes, letters, and phrases found in the Cricut cartridge library. Software needed to work with these Cricut devices is Cricut Design Studio. It allows you to save your projects or designs on their Cloud, but you can not save them to your PC or export them for use with other cutters.

Cricut Design Studio may be used on your Android phones or computer devices as an application rather than through the internet browser. Press the install button to download and install the application. When the installation is completed, the application will show on your App Home Screen. It was a purchased program that drives on your computer. Cricut Design Studio is for Cricut Explore, while the craft room is for all earlier devices.

How Do You Use A Cricut Design Studio?

Getting Started

  1. To reach the Cricut Design Studio, log in to your Create account and press “Design” on the upper side of the menu.
  2. Choose the “Design” icon on the Cricut Design Studio left-hand side of the menu to open the Design Panel.
  3. The Design Panel carries all of the design options that are available to begin editing your recent design.

7 Things That Every Crafter Has Need To Know

Finally, you purchase the Cricut Design Studio software. Like all people, your next question is, “Now, what do I do?” Given below seven important things that you need to know to move to start learning the application.

1. You can make designs with all of the cartridges, but you can only cut with the ones you have.

Cricut Design Studio software has every available cartridge filled into the application. You can make all types of cutting files with any cartridge they offer. While that is enjoyment for experimenting, just imagine that when you go to cut, the Cricut device will ask you to load the particular cartridge used.

2. Connecting letters together to become one cutting is mentioned as welding.

In order to weld letters with each other, it is essential to remember to verify the welding box for each individual image or letter. One more interesting tidbit about welding is that it deletes any scorelines on the image.

3. You can utilize more than one cartridge in a cutting.

The options are indefinite. Bring images and letters from any cartridge into the cutting you are designing. When you start to cut, the Cricut will ask you to fill each cartridge you utilized.

4. You can utilize other people’s cut files.

If you are short on time or creativity, your best solution is to utilize a file designed by someone else. The users of Cricut Design Studio freely share their ideas and designs. The best beginning point would be the message boards. There you will discover links you can follow to cut files all over the internet web. You have to simply download the file to your system and then open it in the Cricut Design Studio.

5. At the time of previewing a cut, if it is welded with each other, the cutting points will be in a bold line.

If a letter or an image is previewed as a solid color, then it is not welded. It is simple to miss verifying the welding box on a letter as you are making, and this is a sure-fire route to ensure that none of them are missing.

6. You require to get updates to the Cricut Design Studio from

The updates not only solve any bugs in the application but also attach the latest cartridge releases for you to make projects or designs.

7. You can utilize various layers when making a design.

If you are making a shadow for an image, you require to open a new surface just for the shadow. Apart from that, when you move to cut, it will cut the shadow and the image at the same time utilizing the same paper.


Is the Cricut Design Studio program free?

Cricut Design Space application is the free software that is utilized to connect to any Cricut digital die-cutting device. It gives you the permission to its operators to upload an unlimited number of designs or projects and any type of file to the application for free. But some fonts and images present in Design Studio must be purchased.

What is the Design Studio software for Cricut?

Designed for utilization with the original Cricut or Cricut Expression system (sold separately), it gives you the permission for connecting an existing desktop computer or laptop to either system–enabling operators to design, explore, and cut the complete Cricut cartridge library onscreen, producing a host of new crafting possibilities.

Is there an alternative to the Cricut Design Space software?

Sure Cut is a nice alternative to the Cricut Design Space application because it is not only made for Cricut devices but also for many kinds of die-cutting devices like Wishblade, Silhouette, and Craft ROBO. It suits both Windows and Mac operating systems. With Sure Cut, you utilize its available drawing and editing tools to draw your designs or projects.

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