We want that your initiate for your medical care must not fee any void in repayments schedule. That’s why, we have come up with Revenue cycle Management Billing Software to your easy manageable healthcare facility to each patient in your medical clinic with the usage of medical billing software. The battle of improvement in regard to you medical care begins with boom by its real-time eligibility dignified feature. It verifies patient insurance coverage before the beginning of medical treatment.

Generation of insurance claims has become as easy as click on your mobile

Now, any patient can easily generate primary, secondary and tertiary payers’ claims automatically with its appropriate payer hierarchy. The administrative staff is also saves to rework on the same charges multiple times.

Our medical practitioners are determined to equip you with finance backbone

It is ais a dynamic methodology to boost the process of revenue as well as lessening the time to gatheradministrative and clinical details. Our medical practitioners want to ensure that each patient get more insurance money and attention from its medical practitioner.

The process of streamlining in relation to management, payment processing and estimation of total revenue process of your medical clinic or hospital keep your medical practice in colourful stage. It is a true customized favour to a patient and his/her medical practitioner.

A centralized platform offers you several other services


The centralization saves time to utilize for other assistance such as diet, exercise, medication and personal counselling. The main motive is to provide immediate care to each patient visiting them so stages of revenue cycle are being managed on one centralized platform. The list goes like this- medical service, documentation of that service, charges levied in it , preparation of bill or claim, submission of claim and receiving payment.


Our medical practitioners love to help you in coming out from the complexity of medical care. They feel that an easy experience in getting medical care speed up your recovery. Several tools are included to remove the complexity of the billing process. An easy access to relevant data like patient policy information, emergency contacts, diagnosis (ICD-10) codes, treatment course information has put end to the hassle of maintaining records manually. Now, our practitioners have put on shoes of your caring family members.

If the user commits any mistakes then the pop-up warning screens alert the biller and offer suggestions on how to correct coding errors before a claim is submitted. This saves a user to file all details corrects in the first attempt and speed up the process of medical insurance claim.

The makers of Revenue cycle Management Billing Software believe that human body is a sensitive device and a valuable asset for each family. They have introduced features of Prior authorizations, permitted CPTs to provide you the next medical treatment exactly where it was left in your last visit to your medical practitioner.