Flaunting a high-end branded phone full of innovative features and technologies has become a necessity these days. Mobile phones are no longer a medium of communication only. Many people use them for work, entertainment, and other purposes as well. However, purchasing the latest expensive phone from savings is not within everyone's reach. Several individuals do not have a credit card, or they do not want to pay hefty interest charges on credit card purchases. The option to buy EMI mobiles on debit card is good news for them. 

Many companies allow select customers to buy things on debit cards and pay their prices in EMIs. Let us see how one can avail of this option.

Select a Phone in Budget

Even though the company allows buying a mobile phone on EMIs, the buyers must calculate their budget and select a phone accordingly. They distribute the phone's cost in a limited number of EMIs. The costlier the price, the bigger will be the EMIs. So, the buyers must evaluate their monthly budget and select a phone with affordable EMIs. Once the buyer chooses a phone within the budget, they must read its reviews and finalise their decision.

Find the EMI Option in Payments

The buyer must open the product description and look for the EMI option in the payment methods. After selecting the debit card option, they need to fill in their card details and confirm. Although they give their debit card details, they do not pay the mobile's price from their bank account. The cost is distributed in EMIs across the selected repayment term and automatically deducted from the buyer's bank account every month.

Opt for the No-Cost EMI Option

Many reputed fintech companies offer no-cost EMI options to mobile phone buyers. The buyer pays only the phone's cost in instalments without any interest charges in this option. They simply need to make a small down payment, pay the processing charges, and distribute the phone's price in monthly instalments.

Submit the Documents

Fintech companies offer EMI mobiles on debit card option to select eligible customers only. Therefore, the buyers must submit a few necessary documents to prove their identity, address, and income. While shopping online, they can scan the required documents and upload them when prompted. Required documents include the buyer's bank statements, Aadhar card, PAN card, salary slips, passport, etc.

Select a Repayment Plan

Eligible applicants have to choose a suitable EMI plan according to their budget and monthly repayment capacity. The shorter the plan, the bigger the EMIs. Therefore, the buyers must assess their monthly budget and select an EMI plan with conveniently affordable EMIs.

Finalise the Order

The buyers must provide their delivery address to finalise the order. Once they receive the mobile phone at their doorstep, the time begins to pay its cost in EMIs.

Buying a mobile phone on EMIs is extremely fast and easy using a debit card. There is no need to use a credit card and pay hefty interest charges. The buyers can buy EMI mobiles on debit card and pay their price in easy EMIs without stressing their finances.