New Holland 4710 and Kubota MU4501 2WD tractors increase prosperity and are more stable in every field. These tractors are compatible with all types of equipment like rotavators, cultivators etc. Both tractor models come with more surface grip and have more attractive advantages as compared to other tractors. These tractors have a greater boost, fuel-efficient capability, advanced features, and more. Let’s look below at the more features for both tractor models. 

New Holland 4710 Tractor 

  • The New Holland 4710 has 47 horsepower, which falls under the utility tractor range. This tractor comes with 3-cylinders, and a 2700 CC engine generates an engine rated 2250 RPM. 
  • This tractor comes with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears and has Power / Mechanical steering.  
  • New Holland 4710 provides long productive hours on farms because of its fuel-efficient engine and 62 litres fuel tank capacity.
  • The 4710 New Holland is suitable for small farms as its performance is best in farming operations. 
  • New Holland 4710 on-road price is Rs 7.00 Lakh* and goes up to Rs 7.20 Lakh*.

Kubota MU4501 2WD

  • Kubota MU4501 2WD is an unprecedented model that has carved a unique place in the hearts of farmers. Owing to its excellent performance and power, Kubota MU4501 45 HP has become the best tractor model in the category.
  • This tractor has a dual-clutch, which provides easy and smooth functioning. With this clutch system, farmers feel proper comfort during the ride.
  • The steering type is hydraulic double-acting power steering which is easy to control and provides a fast response.
  • Kubota 45 hp tractor comes with Oil Immersed Disc Brakes which aid in maintaining grip and reducing slippage.
  • The tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1640 KG, and Kubota MU4501 2WD 45 hp mileage is economical in every field.
  • Kubota MU4501 2WD is powered by 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearboxes with 30.8 KMPH forward speed and 13.8 KMPH reverse speed.

For further information regarding other models of Kubota and New holland tractor brand like new holland 3230, Kubota b2741 etc. stay tuned with us.