Getting to customer support nowadays has become easier than ever. With advancing technological standards, Airlines have also begun to provide more efficient customer service, and that too in a variety of ways.

If you are soon to travel with Lufthansa and are looking for the details of Lufthansa customer service, you can read on to get a few headers on the same.

How to get the Lufthansa Customer Service contact details?

  • Startup your preferred internet browser, and get to the official Lufthansa internet page. Scroll down and click on "Help and Contact" under the "Customer services" panel.

  • The next page that opens up is the "Help and Contact" webpage of Lufthansa. This page has all the contact help options listed, ranging from "Frequently asked questions" to the Contact numbers of Customer services.

Should I call or text Lufthansa?

The answer to this query is according to the nature of your query. If you have a relatively simple query like changing/canceling your reservation or getting a refund, then you can use the support chat feature, which is answered by the Lufthansa Chatbot, an artificially intelligent answer bot. In case of a complex query that mandates quick resolution, reaching out to a Lufthansa voice support representative by phone call would be a better way.

How to call a Lufthansa support representative?

As described earlier, the contact details of Lufthansa customer support are mentioned on the cited "Help and Contact" Lufthansa webpage."

  • Scroll to the page's middle to find the "Contact Options" page. Click on the "Other questions about your upcoming trip" drop-down menu and select your geographical region/country.

  • The contact number and the weekly working hours of the support team will be displayed here, and dial the number.

The support representative will attend your call once the waiting time is over. If you are thinking, "How do I reach Lufthansa?" due to a long waiting time, you can call customer support a few hours later to get a resolution on your concerns.