The mushrooms. Everybody talks about it. Ten times agone, many cherry edible people talked about mushrooms, indeed comestible kinds like portobello and shiitake. Still, over the once couple of times, interest in mushrooms has increased dramatically due to growing attention to impunity, cognitive functions and stress.

Mushrooms are anything but new and have been part of ethnobotanical practices around the world for centuries, if not glories. There are several medicinal mushrooms that everyone should know about to help support impunity and brain health due to their amazing health benefits!

1. Reishi – The most popular mushroom in the world, also known as the mushroom of eternity.

Reishi mushroom is potentially the most important vulnerable response modulator in the world. In other words, it activates a whole series of vulnerable cells, while managing and balancing overall vulnerable function. Reishi is also a top- notch adaptogen, supporting physical and internal stamina and structure energy in the body over time.

It helps us acclimatize to stress, reducing the fight or flight response, so we feel calmer without being sedated. It's also well studied for supporting cardiovascular function and heart health, by promoting balanced blood lipid situations and cellular antioxidant exertion. We can use it for respiratory heartiness, gut health and liver function. You can understand why it has been touted as the life mushroom throughout history!

2. Lion's Mane – a delicious comestible mushroom that can be fluently incorporated into refections and also provides a brain boost.

Given current global experience, memory, mood, and cognitive functioning need a boost after the once two times, and Lion's Mane exploration demonstrates strong probative exertion in these areas. Finances, work, family, education, security, penalty … all of these issues and further have erected up layers of stress on the vast maturity of people around the world. Lion's Mane also supports nervous system and gut health, playing a binary part in supporting the brain.

The intestinal tract is considered the “ alternate brain,” which impacts mood, internal perceptivity, and cognitive functioning, either appreciatively or negatively, depending on gut health. Lion's Mane provides salutary fiber and aliment for probiotic microflora, fueling lactobacillus and bifidobacteria microorganisms, supporting the vulnerable system in the bowel. The Lion's Mane Mushroom is occasionally called the “ smart mushroom,” and now you can see why!

3. Trametes versicolor – Another fungus whose exploration is related to impunity.

Trametes versicolor has a strong vulnerable cell- engaging action, potentially stronger than that of Reishi and Lion's Mane. It appears to boost the vulnerable response for a rapid-fire and different response and helps bring the vulnerable system back to its birth when it no longer needs to be on its toes. Lion's Mane has been considerably delved and appears to be both safe and effective in supporting the vulnerable system when we need it most. It's an ideal mushroom for acute vulnerable support.

Host Defense Mushroom products are available in unique mushroom kinds including Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Gray Weaver, as well as specific, targeted composites with other mushrooms and sauces to take advantage of the community of these combinations.

Host Defense uses both mycelium (the root-suchlike structure of the fungus) and organic brown rice to grow it. The mycelium ferments organic brown rice and converts it into vulnerable support composites. Published, peer- reviewed exploration on Host Defense products demonstrates a strong and complex vulnerable response when consumed, so we're confident that they work safely and effectively.

In addition to creating mushroom products that are tested for efficacity and safety, Host Defense also develops sustainability practices. We laboriously reduce our carbon emigrations, using 100post-consumer recycled and BPA-free plastics, supporting reforestation systems and sharing in global Gold Standard carbon neutralize programs. We explosively believe that supporting the health and well- being of the Earth and our family species is privately linked to supporting the health and well- being of our fellow mortal beings.