The rapport has always been one of the most overlooked features in Lost Ark, but now, it's becoming more and more popular because of a bug in the rapport, which makes it easy for players to improve their abilities with any character. rapport class.

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rapport has always been a pretty boring system. Players need to keep coming back to their characters, paying attention to what they want and where to get what they want. It's a system that players have to hone in, and while it's possible to get good rewards out of it, it's a very long process to get them.

Because the game itself is very difficult, many players choose to ignore rapport directly, which is also understandable. Over time, if players are willing to go to great lengths to get a rapport, they'll either be desperate for gold or have nothing to do.

But for now, you can get lucky with a bug to bypass the most annoying part of rapport - the song. In this way, you can more Cheap Lost Ark Gold easily upgrade the rapport level with any character, and get rich rewards.

When you exploit this vulnerability, you don't need to hunt for songs. You just put a song or emote on the tooltip and immediately click on the rapport NPC to take advantage of it. MMOWTS can shorten the time you spend in Lost Ark Gold. Doing so can improve your rapport even if it's not in the NPC's preferred class. It's important to note that you can only use it three times a day, as it will consume your interactions with the character for the day.

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