If you want to visit the best dinner place in Dubai, this Dubai Marine Dinner Cruise with Live Music is the best place. With your loved one on the Dubai marine dinner cruise, one can enjoy the delicious food and the mesmerizing attractive night view of Dubai. Live music is also part of the dinner, making it more beautiful.

What's include:


If you want to enjoy a memorable dinner with your friend and family, then the Dhow Cruise Dubai Deals with Live Music is a perfect place to book. You have two options enjoy the dinner in the open air on the upper deck, or you may also enjoy the spread in the lower deck area. You are given private allocated seating with your family and friend.

Buffet dinner:


You are provided with mouth-watering and delicious food. At the start, you are provided with fresh juices. Along with the delicious dinner, you can enjoy the live music with the amazing night view of Dubai.

Things to know about:


It provides private seating with a beautiful view of the giant building and an ocean view of Dubai. You are given unlimited juices and coffee, tea, and water at the dinner. There is also a live cooking Pasta cooking station.

The skyscrapers around the marine make the view more interesting, making the dinner more beautiful. The boat sails on the marine, and you can enjoy the dinner in such mesmerizing scene.

The night sky and pleasant breeze make the feed more beautiful. The buffet includes international dishes and juices, sodas, coffee, and tea. The gentle, soothing music in the background makes the dinner more beautiful. You are departed where you are picked up.

Dhow cruise booking:


When you reserve the booking, confirmation will be received by you soon—that child is under three years of age. The stroller is accessible. There are seats for the infant. For the male and females, there is a dress code for them. On the board, there is also a toilet facility for the people. Reach the spot fifteen minutes before departure.


If you want to cancel your booking, you should cancel the booking 24 hours in advance to get the full refund you had paid. If the weather is not suitable, then a cancellation will be made in case of poor weather, and you will be given a different date and time.

From the world's largest artificial marina, Dubai marine, the Cruise will depart. Dubai marine is also considered a fake canal city. The giant and glittering towers of Dubai are viewed along with the boat's sailing. The mesmerizing view of the shadow of dazzling skyscrapers makes the dinner beautiful.

Live Music:


Live music provides a soothing effect. The red carpet on it makes you feel like you are a celebrity walking on the floor. Artificial canal city is experienced in the dhow. The live music relaxes, feels very soothing, and melodic music feels like a live concert.



It is the best place to be visited by tourists and locals in Dubai. The changing view every minute makes the time very fascinating. Dhow is decorated with glittering lights, and Arabic music is played.

The decoration of the dhow with light makes it a romantic and calming ambiance. This pace will be perfect for people who want to have a peaceful and relaxing time. They rest there self with beautiful scenery of surrounding.

 If you ever want to visit the emirates, this dhow will be the ideal place to stay where you can view the amazing sight and have dinner. At night, the glowing lights in different Malls and other giant buildings glow, making Dubai more beautiful so that you can view all these amazing moments.

Marine in Dubai is the artificial water body constructed at the coastline. The dhow is decorated in amazing traditional Emirate style so you can explore the art of Arab.

Along with the soothing music, there is also a live dance performance. It will be the best choice to select this sight for dinner. It also gives the best pick and drops service facilities along with Dubai.

However, they provide the facility of pick and drop facilities to those living in other emirates, such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, with some extra charges. There are also washroom facilities separate for males and females.

 In the dhow, the lower deck is considered a smoke-free zone. So if you want to smoke, you should go to the upper deck of the dhow, which is an open area.

The dhow provides the facility to spend two hours; along with this, the visitors provide multiple facilities.



Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise with Live Music is an interesting place to be visited. Is dhow sailing? Music is played in the background in it. The breathtaking view of Dubai in front of your site provides an amazing and memorizing experience. Drizzling wind and a glittering view of Dubai make the palace more attractive.

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