Tractors are incomplete without their tools. So, you have to use various types of devices for different types of work. Here we discuss tractor-trailers, which are used to carry or haul farm-related needs to farm. But, on the other hand, farm products from the farm to the storage point. Multiple Tractor Trailer Manufacturers in India are well-known for high-quality manufacturing trailers. So, let’s know about them. 

Best Tractor Trailers

Several tractor-trailer manufacturers make high-quality trailers, but we can not consider all of them. So, we are here with some good quality trailers. 

Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer

Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer is robust and comes with a 6 MM floor sheet and 3.5 MM body sidewall thickness. The door frame angle is 35 x 35 x 5 MM. The hydraulic jack of this trailer is 10 Tons (Double Jack). Moreover, the bearings of this trailer are 32213 Heavy Duty.

Farming Tipping Trailer-Single Axle

Farming Tipping Trailer-Single Axle has 3 variants from 4 MM floor sheets, making them robust. The hydraulic lifting capacity of this trailer is from 10M.Tonto 15M.Ton. This trailer weighs 1100 to 1600 Kg. 

Soil Master Tipping Trailer (2 Ton)

Soil Master Tipping Trailer (2 Ton) needs 24 Hp and above powered tractor to pull it. The sidewalls of this trailer are Rolled Corrugated sidewalls. It has Rubber Stoppers for doors along the body so the body can be free from damage. 

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