New Holland manufactures tractors that have all the innovative features at an economical New Holland tractor price in India. Therefore, if you want to buy the tractor at a price that is appropriate and easily fits in the budget, then these tractors are the perfect option for that. In India, this is a famous brand because it provides superb features and advanced technology models. In the below section, you’ll find the New Holland tractor models with great traits.  

1. New Holland 3037 TX

  • New Holland 3037 TX also comes with 2 Reverse and 8 Forward, 8 Reverse and 8 Forward Synchro Shuttle gearboxes. The major purpose of this gearbox is to provide multiple torques and speed reduction, which are received from the engine. 
  • It provides a fuel tank capacity of 42 litres with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg. This combo makes this tractor superb for agriculture. 
  • This excellent tractor has a side-shift Gear Lever which is helpful for driver comfort. 
  • The 3037 TX New Holland's total weight is 1800 KG. Moreover, the tractor comes with a wheelbase of 1865 MM and a ground clearance of 364 MM. 

2. New Holland 3630-TX Super

  • The New Holland 3630-TX Super comes with a double-clutch with independent PTO levers to support it in small turns or areas.
  • It comes with a robust gearbox that has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • It has a top speed of 32.35 kmph and a reverse speed of 16.47 kmph.
  • This tractor offers a large fuel tank capacity of 60 litres for longer working hours.
  • New Holland 3630-TX SUPER has a 1700 kg strong pulling capacity which supports and lifts heavy agricultural equipment.
  • It comes with a side-shift gear lever that works smoothly, resulting in comfort for the driver.

For further information regarding New Holland tractor models, stay tuned with us.