At the same time, it would not be wrong to say that online cryptocurrency brokers are on the hot list of hackers. So, keeping that in mind, a lot of crypto exchanges are coming up with ways through which they can minimize the risk of data and crypto theft. As a result of this, the Gemini exchange also tried its best so it can provide a safe trading environment to the users.

Thus, through the section below, we shall be having a glimpse at the Gemini exchange in terms of its safety and reviewing it so that you can make your decision on whether it is safe to trade on or not. So, let’s not wait any longer and start measuring the security factor involved in using the Gemini exchange.

How safe is Gemini?

  • Well, the first point that we should not forget to mention about Gemini exchange is that they allow you to set up a two-factor authentication feature while you set up your account for the first time so that you can ensure double the security of your account
  • In addition to that, a large amount of the funds of users are not stored online, but away from the hackers’ reach at an offline storage
  • Moreover, the funds that they store online are also covered under their insurance policy which means, even if their database gets hacked, nothing would happen to the users’ funds and the company would bear all the losses

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Well, Kraken exchange is one of the platforms that have been used by a lot of users for a very long time and a lot of users from across the globe are putting their trust in it. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that it is indeed a safe as well as a legit crypto exchange.


No matter which exchange you are choosing to trade with crypto, it is pretty important that you pick a platform that is not only safe but also provides insures the crypto funds of the users. And, in this regard, nothing could beat the security level provided by the Gemini exchange. And, after having a look at this post, we can say that both Gemini and Kraken exchange are worth our trust.