Swaraj is a brand where all types of farmers are welcomed. It is because of its tractor models, manufactured for all kinds of operations from small to heavy-duty work. The company provides tractors from 15 Hp small tractors to 75 Hp heavy-duty tractors, intending to fulfil the requirements of marginal farmers as well as commercial farmers. The company came into the presence in 1974 and nowadays comes under the well-known agri machinery producers. Moreover, the tractors from this company are priced at Rs. 2.60 to 8.40 Lakh.

Swaraj 744

Swaraj 744 price is Rs. 6.25 - 6.60 Lakh, which is entirely satisfactory for its specifications and features. The model has different qualities and specifications to work efficiently. The performance of this tractor is high, and it can work longer in the field due to its 60 litres fuel tank. You can choose brakes between oil-immersed brakes and dry disc brakes. 

Swaraj 855 

Swaraj 855 tractor price is fair enough at Rs. 7.10 - 7.40 Lakh. The model has 3 cylinders and 52 HP power and an engine displacement of 3307 CC. The fuel-efficient engine of this tractor generates 2000 RPM for agricultural needs. The model is fitted with 3- stage oil bath air filters to make a precise airflow. 

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