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  • Unlimited transfer
    The Lord who fought against Yin Yang Zi was only concerned about defending the huge sickle of his hands, which was constantly rotating in front of him. He had no chance to fight back. Although he had already seen another huge sickle in Yin Yang Zi's hand, he had no choice but to watch Yin Yang Zi throw the sickle over again. But this time, that handle sickle unexpectedly eerily drew an arc,...
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  • Miss Ping's Idea _ Josephine Tiei
    Lucy followed her friend's huge body up the shallow steps and heard Handa's tone. As Handa said when she was a monitor, "No slippers are allowed on the floor of the cloakroom." This tone leaves no room for discussion. You know, Handa doesn't think this school she loves is an altar for young students. Middle school is a bright road for students to the future. If a small number of people think...
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  • Wudang System _ 20200215155741.
    In Wudang Martial Arts Training Field, at this moment, it is still difficult for Fang Hua and the man to win or lose. The man stood with a sword and said, "You can't defeat me." Fang Hua put the halberd across his waist and said coldly, "You too!" Fang Hua said in a deep voice, "Tell me your name, and why do you dare to kill my Wudang Headmaster?" Staring at Fang Hua's southern rock halberd,...
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  • Crossing takes harmony as the most precious.
    Lady Wei, however, did not take Qi Maosheng's attitude seriously. With a half-smile, she glanced at Gu Xiyan, who was half crouching, and said, "I've always been impatient with social intercourse. In the future, don't let Zhen Niang bring Hong Luan to pay her respects to me!"! I didn't like it when I looked at the child's shrinking appearance. Gu Xiyan was stunned. The slender and delicate Dai...
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  • Wu. Move . *** . Kun
    However, what no one knows is that at the moment when Lin moves this fist, the meaning of the eight-pole fist in his Dantian is a wriggle, and immediately, the meaning of a fist is separated under the trend of Lin's mind! Boom! At the moment of the emergence of this fist, Lin Dong's plain fist, like the finishing touch, was instantly reborn, and the indescribable vigorous and explosive...
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  • The ancestor of all demons
    As the boat passed forward, the middle-aged man on the boat flashed a trace of surprise on his face. Looking at the position of the southern barbarians, the long boat at his feet stopped in midair in vain. This kind of breath, is there a monster in the robbery? The middle-aged man muttered to himself, because even here he felt a faint pressure. This is the deterrent breath emanating from heaven...
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  • Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince
    The former army in the army out of the city gate of Datong, after the army is yuanyuan follow up, Yang Ling rein in the roadside. Looking back at the towering wall, there are four isolated watchtowers outside the special gear-shaped concave-convex wall. There are no passages and stairs below. Only the top of the platform can be connected with the wall with wooden boards. It can attack,...
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  • Unlimited Upgrade Contract Flow _ 20200215155752.
    Infinite Cycle Mission Kill Zombie: Successfully kill various types of zombies Normal Zombie: Reward 5 game points Advanced Zombie: Reward unknown Li Yalin has ignored the main task and so on, but what does this side task mean? Meet Rebecca and Jill, the two leading ladies? And be their friend? What kind of mission is this? Is this kind of nonsensical task released in the game? While Yalin was...
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