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     It's a good idea for you to ask a professional for a second opinion about any materials in the artwork you're looking at. weddingup wedding up Website joyfulwedding   conservator.  Don't: Confuse the original painting by using the term "hand-painted giclee"  Giclees are reproductions of...
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     It is possible to align your goals more effectively as an artist and entrepreneur by using different words each quarter. It is also possible to break down your objectives into quarters. loanproof loan proof Website   Focus on one part of your company at once and adjust accordingly for the time of...
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     Artwork Archive is aware of the significance and importance of metadata. Artwork Archive preserves the metadata of the images that are that are uploaded to it. giveloan give loan Website  The metadata Renaissance is here  As the digital humanities field continues to grow and evolve, more and more...
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     There are professional organizations, such as the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) which require ethical standards to be adhered to as a prerequisite of membership. loanfund loan fund Website   Gallery or dealer memberships with these associations can be considered a fairly secure option....
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     What Gallerists, Artists and Collectors Must Know About Data Security loansure loan sure Website  Working artist or gallery owner? You probably spend more time on the internet. From emails to expanding social media platforms,  Media following, in order to be an artist or gallerist within the current world...
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     As they may be needed in the event of an insurance claim, or if you sell your work, make sure you keep copies of the condition reports. whatloan what loan Website   sell the artwork at a later date. Artwork Archive allows collectors to keep all their data along with the art.  generate reports for insurance, resale appraisals,...
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     Do's and Don'ts of Starting an Art Collection trackersphere tracker sphere Website   Do: Determine your priorities  What are your reasons for buying a piece of work? Do you want to fill a certain wall space in your house or office? Is the art for investment purposes? Or  Maybe you can take a small amount of...
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     decryption." skincarezine skin care zine Website social-contest   You might be thinking "But, I am just me and my intern!" You may think, "But, my company is just me and an intern!" Don't assume you're not an easy target until it's late.  The attacks of ransomware are comparable to...
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     A discount that is 20% or greater is generally reserved for major collectors or museums. You could be branded as a "do-gooder" if you are involved in a lot of haggling. rapidfatburns rapid fat burns Website   Not-sales" list of your strategies if they are too aggressive or simple rude.  In addition, you shouldn't...
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    Be proactive: check if your art images are being used without permission mixturesport mixture sport Website mobilephones-news  Image theft, whether for art images or other images, is a rampant internet problem. So, how do you know if your art images are being reposted online without your...
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