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  • Sweeping the world
    With a relatively complex state of mind Qiu Linci Fu is not want to know whether Liu Yan is the Huns then take what attitude to treat In fact he already has an attitude Liu Yanqiang is appropriate to secretly support the auxiliary Liu Yanwei directly destroyed no two words Three people have been chatting is in the scene full of animals mating chat followed by their own dancers or let the...
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  • The game of the realist
    Although we all meet by chance polite words are slightly obvious but such a direct dialogue also makes Xiao Lingfeng uncomfortable for a while Is this what people who play games for the first time look like They seem to have taken it for granted that this kind of person is a burden probably if not for the fact that there are too few players on the snowfield or that Xiao Lingfeng's level is not...
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  • Did madam go home today?
    "By the way, Shiguan, I heard something secretly today, and I think I still want to tell you about it." (End of this chapter) 8. No Chapter 8 Engagement (2) Chapter 8 Engagement (2) Gu Weinan seemed to remember something, and his tone became serious. When Guan Zheng finished washing his face, he put on a mask in front of the mirror, pinched his mobile phone with two fingertips, returned to bed,...
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  • The correct posture for flirting [quick wear]
    There was a peach tree in Ji Liuyun's backyard. When Wei Lan walked into the courtyard, he was sitting in the shade of the tree, looking down at the book intently. A few peach petals hung on his plain white sleeves, wrapped around his long black hair, and there was a little more color in the dust. Lan Lan? Hearing the sound, he turned his head sideways, and the peach petals that had fallen on...
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  • Doomsday Paradise
    The visa officer was stopped and rubbed the bag without making a sound. After thinking about it, he said, "I saw you were going upstairs to open the visa before. Why didn't you go?"? Just so you know. The visa in my hand is not that good. Lin Sanjiu did not answer him, but asked with luck, "Do you have a visa for the twelve realms?" "No." "What about a blank visa?" "No. Blank visas are very...
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  • The realm of longevity
    The snow-white beast blinked his big eyes carelessly. Then he nodded his head. The snow-white body left a shadow on Pingdingshan Mountain, looking at the surrounding environment. Xiao Chen relaxed his body and immersed himself in an ethereal state. It soon became illusory. As if in nature. Connected with the mountain as one. Ke, the snow-white beast, blinked his big bright eyes strangely and...
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  • Rake the song of heaven
    One day, the late master was digging in his nephew's field from morning till night, and only half a bowl of corn grains was dug out. The next day, he changed another place, but he didn't even dig out half a bowl. For three days, my father and the dog changed the three meals a day into two meals, and changed the sticky soup rice into thin water soup. He felt that the matter was serious, and he...
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  • The superheroes I bought in those years.
    Yongdu's Whistle Arrow, the Saka Element Gun and Nuclear Cannon of the Dawn, and the electromagnetic capture net of the Nova Legion interlaced with dazzling flames in midair.. …… At the same moment, far away on Earth, Patricia Udonta, who seemed to feel something, clicked on her communicator. A communication whose caller ID subtitles were thickened and enlarged was "beeping", and...
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  • Invincible login gift pack system _ 20200215155404.
    Beautiful woman so cold drink way, her figure suddenly appeared blue light, then like a wild goose, she is in the wild goose, then the eagle hit the sky, attack and go. The rest of a few people are also showing a big kill move, want to kill step by step. Step by step naturally did not dare to defend the five people's big kill, his degree occupied an absolute advantage, then began to swim up,...
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  • Super brain
    The yellow dragon sat on the sofa and looked at Ye Yang. He wanted to see what Ye Yang was up to. Ye Yang snorted and punched out, and the wall was smashed through by him directly, and a big hole with a diameter of 30 centimeters appeared. This ~ ~ "Suddenly, all the people were shocked.". The expressions on their faces were stunned, staring at Ye Yang and the big hole beside him. After a long...
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