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  • Climate of Greece
    The climate of Greece is one of the best in the world! On average, days of sunshine are around 260 days per year. Especially, the south of the country has even more like the islands of Crete or Rhodes. Even Athens has more days than average, which makes it an ideal city-break destination. Also, it’s an ideal destination for digital nomads that’s want to come to...
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  • Best wines in Peloponnese region
    Wine production in Greece dates back at least 4000 years, the oldest archaeological founding of grapes was in the Peloponnese region, and especially in Nemea. According to mythology, the Atreides were particularly partial to Philasian wine (from the plain of Philius, the ancient name of Nemea). Today, Nemea is the biggest vineyard of Greece, producing several types of wine such...
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  • 10 Best Greek Easter Traditions
     Considered the most important holiday on the Greek calendar and one of the richest in folklore, the celebration of Orthodox Easter (Pascha) is unique throughout Greece. From Rhodes till Thrace, Greek Easter traditions become a herald of the spirit’s and nature’s rebirth, while Easter celebrations constitute a vivid aspect of the folk culture, rich in meaning and symbolism....
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  • Greek Christmas Traditions
    Christmas time, days of joy, and celebration. Houses and cities wear their festive clothes, acquiring light and color, while the kitchens are flooded with aromas of traditional dishes and Christmas cookies. Happy Christmas” and “Happy New Year” resonate at every meeting point, while the sounds of children’s triangles and carols vibrate the atmosphere with happy...
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  • Corinth tour from Athens
    The city of Corinth has a very rich history. It is related to the myths of Pegasus, Sisifus, Jason, and the Argonauts. The city started to flourish from the 8th century BC till the 5th century BC.  The Corinthians established 8 colonies that brought wealth and power to the city. They were the best in making pottery, their products were sold out in the whole Meditteranean sea. Also, the...
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  • Athens tour
    Athens, the city where Democracy, philosophy, sciences, and theatre started. The population of the city is 4,5 million, surrounded by 4 mountains it has also exit to the seacoast and there are several islands that are close. The most important monuments to visit are the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus, the Agora, Kerameikos, Roman Agora, Panathenaic Stadium, Plaka, and Monastiraki.  You can...
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  • 10 best gorges in Greece
    Greece is a tourist destination not only for the summertime but, for all seasons around. Except for the archaeological treasures, amazing islands, and beaches, Greece has rich nature to explore. One of these is the gorges, they have crystal clear rivers whose water you can even drink. Theoretical rocks that almost touch the sky. Spectacular landscapes spread as far as the eye can see. Noisy...
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  • 10 best winter destinations in Greece
    Greece is well known for summer vacations in the islands or mainland, but few people know that Greece also has winter destinations, including 16 ski centers. Let’s see the 10 best winter destinations in Greece here:
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  • Greek traditions, customs and superstitions
    Greek traditions, customs, and superstitions are still in the lives of many Greeks. Some of them date back to ancient times but, most of them are related to religion. Greek culture also includes festivals that are celebrated each year in the whole country. Below you will find a list of Greek traditions, customs, superstitions, and festivals. For more click here:...
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  • Greek Clothing Brands
    Visiting Greece in summer to enjoy its natural beauties, the sun, the beaches, the hospitality, and the cuisine, you may want to shop some Greek clothing brands. Greece had a huge textile production back in the ’70s, and 80’s that was exported in Europe until China’s dominance. Today, Greek clothing brands are less than they were before but, still popular inside the country...
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