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  • The royal family of Dazhou
    Hou mansion inside the gate, there have been servants to steal the crack. Watch outside. Seeing Fang Yun coming, he hurriedly opened the door. One side way: Young master, you're back! ,” "Mmm." With a calm bearing, Fang Yun raised his hand slightly and said, "There is no need to close the gate, the home of Hou Fu.". When there is Hou Fu's magnanimity, they will not come in. At this time,...
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  • Thorn bird
    I don't like the name Meggie. But if you really hate the name of Megham so much, I'll call you Meg. His fixed eyes looked up and down at her body in an intoxicating way. How nice your lines are. …… "I have found you a job." Said Luke, at breakfast in the dining-room of the inn. What? Before I could arrange a comfortable home for us, Luke? Before we even had a home? "It's no use...
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  • If the maple falls, it will be quiet
    A silver-gray BMW was already eye-catching when it was parked at the school gate, but it was even more amazing to see the handsome owner leaning on the car, showing no smile. From time to time, fashionable girls around the owner pretended to pass in front of him unintentionally, but the owner's eyes remained unchanged. The owner of this car is Qin Feng, and the end of this vision is very...
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  • I was reborn as a child.
    "Then give your parents your home phone number and address so that they can rest assured that I will go to school with you on Monday and send you home in person at night." After listening to Xiaojing's words, Shishi immediately asked nervously, "Xiaojing, are you coming to pick me up alone?"? Did you come on foot? Xiaojing replied, "Tomorrow I will ask the driver to send me to pick you up....
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  • Invincible upgrade _ 202002 15155705.
    In the past hundred years, Lieyang Palace has not won a good place. Zhou Wei is the only disciple who has entered the top ten for the first time, but only he knows how he entered. Although Lieyang Palace occupies a very important position in Qianji Sect, it has never been favored in terms of cultivation, especially in the other seven palaces. In the world where the strong are respected, the...
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  • Grave Robber 3 _ Flying Apsaras
    This is a strange saying without a beginning or an end. What is meant by "the sky collapses and the earth opens"? Can it be said that as long as the twelve locks are opened, there will be an earth-shaking earthquake and great destruction? In that case, it's better not to open it, lest all living beings in the world be poisoned again. Suellen, do you believe that? I asked with a smile. ww w ....
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  • Coward [wear quickly] by Fusu and Willow Leaf
    The voice in my ear was a vague trill with a crying voice. Small Xiao Lu.. Shang Lu suddenly woke up. In his dream, he saw the faces of the people under him. It's my brother. The author has something to say: After the false pregnancy, Du is crying: I have a child and you are still not at home, do you not love me? Just went out to buy snacks for him, Mr. Gu:. Really.. Drama queen 。 Chapter 68...
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  • Episode 18 Vertically and Horizontally 04
    The sound of the song swirled back and forth, and the crowd had already come near. Jing Chi straightened his clothes and walked straight to the two men who were sitting and listening to the song. Dai Yue was about to catch up with him, but he was grabbed by Jing Chi's pro-guard. Dai Yue was startled and only said that his intention to kill was revealed. The pro-guard had already whispered,...
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  • Feng Qi Chen Gong
    "You are a patient and I am a healer. You should trust me instead of telling me what to do." Nangongyuan said half jokingly. But "Lu Yingxi was puzzled, and when he wanted to ask, he suddenly felt his eyes blurred and his head gradually dizzy." In the medicine just now, I mixed a newly developed misty powder. Nangongyuan's voice was low and shallow, like a warm wind blowing, and all of a sudden...
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  • Eternal Life Sword of Seven Weapons
    The old woman struggled, panting, and said, "You go. I don't need you to take care of me." But in this case, how can Bai Yujing leave her alone? He picked her up without effort. It was probably the first time he had carried a woman over thirty into the room. The coffin was parked in the room, with a square table and two white candles and three sticks of incense. The room was filled with gloom...
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